NEW BOOK by Dr. Kvint

Available for pre-order Stategy for the Global Market from Routledge Press today

Available for ordering: "Stategy for the Global Market" from Routledge Press today 

Dr. Vladimir Kvint is an economist and strategist. He is a US Fulbright Scholar, a member of the Bretton Woods Committee (Washington, DC), a Fellow of the World Academy of Art & Science and the Russian Academy of Sciences (Foreign Member Ad Vitam). He was a Professor of International Business at American University (DC, 2004- 2007) and a Professor at Fordham University's Graduate School of Business (1990-2004). In addition, until 2000, for five years he was an Adjunct Professor of Business Strategy at the Stern School of Business at New York University. He served as the Director of Emerging Markets at Arthur Andersen LLP in New York (1992-1998).

Since 2007 he is the Chair of the Financial Strategy Department at M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University's Moscow School of Economics. Since 2007, he is a part-time faculty at LaSalle University (PA).

He has the title of Honorary Doctor from the US, Russian, Albanian, Ukrainian, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyz Rebublic Universities. He was honored with awards from several countries. Dr. Kvint's studies have focused on the Theory of Strategy and its implementation and on the Theory of the Global Emerging Market.